Center Plan

Choose Your Best Project
for your earning


+ 18% GST

  • Form Qty 1800
  • ID Slot - 10 ID’s Minimum
  • Agreement 15 Days
  • TAT 15
  • Price Per Form 25
  • Cut off forms 200
  • Max Payment 45000
  • Allow Second Chance


+ 18% GST

  • Form Qty 2000
  • ID Slot - 5 ID’s Minimum
  • Agreement 18 Days
  • TAT 18
  • Price Per Form 25
  • Cut off forms 200
  • Max Payment 50000
  • Allow Second Chance

User Guide Lines about work:

1). Login to the website with your login details provided by company.

2). In “Workload” section, type the details as showing in database above in particular blank Filling section in below and click the “Save” Option.

3). If you want to recheck of your submitted work you can check with in “36 hours” . if you want to check and any editing need, edit it and Save again.

4). When your work will be completed, you have to do final submission of all work load. For This you have to go to the “Submit the Work” option in “Content” Folder which showing in left top. When you click that option than you will find message as “Are you sure that you want to submit you workload”. Than click on “ok”. Than the PDF file with complete forms will be generate in your system on desktop or default download folder.